Organization/Team Strategists and Digital Facilitators
Organization/Team Strategists and Digital Facilitators

Digital Transformation and Systems Integration for Organizations

Digital transformation involves leveraging technologies in a strategic and prioritized way in order to respond to opportunities, while remaining resilient to change.

You will be matched with a technology expert who will work one-to-one with you, your teams, executive leaders and/or Board of Directors. 

Providing regular or occasional coaching and/or strategy sessions with software customization assistance depending on budget.

We are vendor neutral* and fluent in hundreds of software products and solutionsGovernment assistance is available. 

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Empowering Organizations

Supported by experienced professionals skilled in technology and nonprofit processes, nonprofit and association leaders are empowered to lead their own transformations using our self-service  platform. The process  can be executed for less money over a flexible time-frame. Organizations benefit substantially by taking time to accurately identify champions and achieve buy-in from stakeholders. A carefully administered digital transformation pays dividends towards ongoing organizational sustainability.


Our professional team supplies regular, one-to-one, real-time consultations delivering just-in-time instruction and guidance at a budget and timetable that is convenient for each organization. Outside of meetings, ongoing support is provided by priority email and access to a private resource portal. While you can lead a transformation initiative  in a little as one meeting per month, we recommend booking bi-weekly meetings to better sustain momentum and achieve transformation within one year.

What Does Transformation Look Like? 

To see how digital technology can improve organizational processes, see our Performance Benefits Page.

What Is A ‘Test and Learn’ Scenario?

We provide the opportunity to safely test software products to learn if they are truly right for your organization's culture. i.e. people, data and processes.

Program Highlights

  • Assistance with adoption of digital products/strategies
  • Assistance with engaging leadership teams
  • Collaboration and decision-making tools
  • Software recommendations for your organization
  • Fixes for lack of software integration options
  • Strategies for improving programs/service revenue
  • Strategies to reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Tips on boosting member and client experience

  • A FREE scaleable, enterprise platform (if required)
  • Government assistance for up to 80% rebate on fees

Learn how to:

  1. Collaborate efficiently with colleagues, members and clients on project tasks.
  2. Manage members, clients, vendors, partners and prospects with ease.
  3. Easily create digital content that impresses learners and visitors.
  4. Promote and register participants for events and involve remote members/clients.
  5. Take control of your calendar and contacts (while in and out of the office).
  6. Offer popular methods making for efficient online donations/membership renewals.
  7. Install a communication tool that builds confidence and trust with stakeholders.
  8. Turn networking events into high-yielding methods of acquiring new partners/clients.
  9. Book calls and automate appointment setting without an assistant.
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Consultation and coaching plans may be implemented over any time-frame and are customized to meet specific needs for each organization. One-on-one support for exploring software capabilities, showcased by demonstration or within ‘Test and Learn’ scenarios.  If required, a digital platform can be supplied at no charge. 

Sample Of An Assisted Work Plan

1. Preparatory Activities

A collaborative plan will ensure budget and time-frame constraints are met. Guidance will be provided to carry out steps to determine the readiness of the organization. A process map will highlight problem areas.

2. Organizational Requirements

New digital products will be explored while approaches to integrate existing software may also be considered. With assistance, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders may be engaged in order to prioritize organizational requirements.

3. Planning and Execution

A short list of digital products will be finalized that meet priority requirements as outlined in the previous step. With the help of the consultant, ‘Test and Learn’ workshops for each product can narrow selection. Champions can be engaged while selected products are implemented. With assistance, Champions can supply training (and collect feedback for customizations, if appropriate).

4. Monitoring and Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring of the new 'optimized state' will ensure organizations remain proactive and resilient to change. With the help of the consultant, occasional tweaks to configuration will ensure budget remains realistic and organizational goals are met.