• Attract, Engage & Retain Employees

    Lifestyle-Friendly Workplace Program

    Cultivate a collaborative workplace that supports work-life balance for employees.
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Participating Organizations will learn how to:

Increase Organizational Capacity
  • Determine what makes an attractive and high performing organizational culture. 
  • Examine personal lifestyle routines to better understand impact on work choices.
  • Explore work-life balance trends that are shifting employer’s approach to attracting employees.
  • Examine how employee and organizational values shape organizational culture, impacting organizational capacity.
Build A Collaborative Workplace
  • Design a path for a transformation that attracts and retains employees.
  • Explore motivational contrasts for employees who are driven by different work-life balance requirements.
  • Identify skills and digital competencies required for success in both work and lifestyles.
  • Apply leadership strategies to empower employees motivated by work-life balance requirements, while blending budget and results-based baselines.
Activate Employee Engagement
  • Create agile policies that engages employees, resulting in higher performance.
  • Evaluate innovative approaches to traditional attraction, engagement and retention processes.
  • Explore creative approaches to traditional compensation tactics.
  • Explore agile incentive and reward programs that positions organizations for ongoing success
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A digital badge/window sticker program

Show your workplace is supportive of work-life balance!

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This unique, transformational, practice-based program, designed for senior leadership teams, incorporates blended learning opportunities consisting of videos, worksheets, discussion groups and coaching. Three units are divided into 3 modules, each with 3 lessons. 27 lessons consist of a short (<15-minute) video segment matched with a custom resource, and a dedicated discussion area for ongoing questions and social learning. After completing each Unit (9 lessons), participants will be encouraged to attend a coaching session with a leading expert in employee engagement, helping to reinforce the concepts learned in each module. Participants will have 90 days to complete all lessons. Bonus: Ask-Me-Anything lifestyle concierge access for the first 30 days.

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3 Units | 9 Modules | 27 Lessons

Take up to 90 days to complete this blended program. Includes Coaching and 'Ask Me Anything' Lifestyle Concierge service.

Increase Organizational Capacity

Personal Capacity
  • Lifestyle Preferences
  • Home Routines
  • Personal Productivity
Individual Differences
  • Personal Values
  • Work-Life Trends
  • Baselines
Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Values
  • Cultural Status
  • Cultural Transformation

Build a Collaborative Workplace

Case Studies
  • Financial Driven Scenarios
  • Time Driven Scenarios
  • Activity Driven Scenarios
Optimize Productivity
  • Communication Tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Project Management
Reimagine Workplaces
  • Managing Change
  • Employees as Partners
  • Leadership Strategies

Cultivate Employee Engagement

Candidate Experience
  • Creative Contracts
  • Employee Outreach
  • Reimagined Interviews
Compensation Strategies
  • Lifestyle Motivators
  • Benefits Strategies
  • Personalizing Offers
Ongoing Engagement
  • Engaged Status
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Digital Strategies

Participating organizations will receive a digital badge to display on recruitment pages, and a window sticker to show their workplace is supportive of work-life balance strategies.

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