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    We upskill organizations to develop their strength and agility in order to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions.
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Our Project Facilitators, Leaders and Assistants Can Help!

Let us expedite your project tasks and move along project deliverables.

Our Approach

 ‘Agile’ refers to — responding to requirements with strategic solutions that are applied over time, on a pay-as-you-go basis. This method provides for a more natural scaling of nonprofit initiatives. Appropriate time is devoted for necessary steps to be explored, approved and implemented. Incremental change results in significantly more successful transformations.

A Project Management Professional (PMP) Consultant is matched with your organization for an open term of 3, 6 or 12 months. Approved milestones are carried out, while applying appropriate coaching, training, software configuration and customizations. An approved budget will apply to regular engagements throughout the term. Your coach/consultant will work towards meeting all project goals within the approved budget and scheduled time frame. 

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Engagements, include facilitated meetings plus collaborative and independent tasks. Engagements typically occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and consist of a (minimum) 4-hour block. Each may include up to two hours for meetings with assigned organizational representative(s), and time for preparatory and follow up tasks. Low rates for Project Facilitators, Leaders and Assistants.

Let us assist in migrating your organization to a fully functional Integrated Management System (IMS).

Sample Project Roadmap

Transformation Design

Determine milestones that fit a proposed budget and timeline. Grant application assistance can be provided.

Determine Organizational/Stakeholder Capacity

An audit of qualitative and quantitative resources.

Define Project Purpose

Determine strategic project objectives.

Consider Digital Products and Technologies

Explore tools for collaborative decision making, relationship management and ​stakeholder engagement. 

Measurable Objectives to Meet Project Goals

Showcase potential journeys to achieve the optimum results. 

Implementation Planning

Create an implementation plan that completes the project goal.

Project Implementation, Training and Support

Nurture progress to meet desired project goal.

Facilitative Services

We assist Project Teams in carrying out activities of a Project's Life Cycle in alignment with organizational goals and established practices. Consider these strategies where we can:

  • Propose data science strategies that complement project phasing tasks. 

  • Facilitate the development of organizational process assets i.e. formal and informal plans, processes, policies, procedures and knowledge bases, specific to and used by the performing organization. 

  • Explore adoption of technology to assist project team with collaboration and decision making.

  • Introduce and demonstrate digital experience strategies that advance stakeholder engagement.
  • Facilitate or activate research methodologies helpful in completion of project outcomes.
  • Facilitate or activate web property development for optimum performance, content acquisition/display/distribution and/or for stakeholder/public engagement.
We can provide assistance with:
Project Charter • Project Management Plan • Monitor Project Work • Perform Change Control • Post Mortem • Scope Determination • Collect Requirements • Define Scope • Create Work Breakdown Structure • Ongoing Validation and Control of Scope • Plan Schedule • Define Activities • Sequence Activities • Estimate Resources • Estimate Durations • Develop Schedule • Control Schedule • Plan Cost Management • Estimate Costs • Determine Budget • Grant writing • Control Costs • Plan Quality Management • Perform Quality Assurance • Control Quality • Plan Human Resource Management • Aquire Project Team • Develop Project Team • Manage Project Team • Plan Communications Management • Manage Communications • Control Communications • Plan Risk Management • Identify Risks • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis • Plan Risk Responses • Control Risks • Plan Procurement Management • Conduct Procurements • Control Procurements • Close Procurements • Plan Stakeholder Engagement • Identify Stakeholders • Manage Stakeholder Engagement • Control Stakeholder Engagement • Control Stakeholder Engagement