Training for Remote Workers and Teams

The time to prepare for an emergency is before you need it. Many employees can work remotely on a temporary, intermittent or full-time basis, conducting business, solving problems, completing tasks, and determining strategies. Overcome work-from-home issues that create trust while rules and procedures are evaluated, adapting as external pressures change.

Government assistance is available.

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✔ High Performance Learning Platform

✔ Flexible Course Format

✔ Individual or Team Participation

✔ Can be customized per organization

✔ Government assistance may apply

A Flexible Program To Transition Teams To Work Remotely

Individuals and teams learn at their own pace. Modules are delivered through live and recorded classes and contain theory, best practices, links to resources, suggested test-and-learn software, challenges and self-assessments.

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Dynamic Learning Environment, Featuring These Topics!

Remote Workplace Culture

Organizational readiness, championing remote workplaces, trends, employee engagement, nuances and policies.

Online Etiquette

Tone and timing, tacit policies, impact of language, humour and emoticons. Dealing with pets, TV, noisy cafes, family interruptions, etc.

Equipping Your Remote Office

Setting up for high performance, electronic devices, high-speed internet, VPNs, company software and home office policies..

Skills For Remote Workers

Time management, self-assessments, extending collaboration beyond teams, collaborative competencies, managing interruptions.

Collaborative Software and Tools

Team messaging, managing tasks and private employee networks. Project management software, tracking events, tasks, calls, etc.

Supervising Others Remotely

Supervision tools, surveillance options, performance agreements, communication strategies and decision-making strategies.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meeting design, role call, audio, video, rules of engagement, technology, brainstorming, voting, side notes, etc.

Remote File Sharing

Best practices for naming conventions, version control, syncing, sharing databases, digital signatures, security, privacy.

Approaches to Customer Service

Customer pipelines, cloud based software, customer service ticketing system, gamifying performance to meet KPIs.

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Overcoming Unique Challenges

Achieving financial targets, project and event management, online learning, mobile applications and wearables, etc.
Featured Facilitator

Dianne Clark, PMP

   CEO, Trendspire Inc.