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Government assistance may be available.

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Program Assistance

Assisting hosts/presenters with virtual session programming: displaying content, links to handouts, registration, program design and content development assistance, if desired.

Participant Engagement

Accommodating and checking in with participants to make sure they remain comfortable and engaged. Managing  those who come and go, polls, curating Q & A for the presenter.

Technical Support

Ongoing support for the host/presenter while accommodating participants with any technical challenges. Relaying housekeeping policies i.e. dial-in numbers, status icons, chat. 

Our Platform, Or Yours

Our Virtual Learning Platform is FREE of charge with any of our services. Alternatively, we are quite happy working within your infrastructure as well. Should you want us to manage registrations, payments or provide assistance in developing content, consider our Advanced Services.

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Freedom for Hosts, Educators, Trainers and Presenters 

Educators face significant challenges while leading remote training. Most importantly, it being very difficult to answer questions, present polls, follow chat discussions, —all while presenting course material simultaneously. Our Virtual Facilitators can help leaders multitask effectively while assisting behind-the-scenes, increasing participant engagement.

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Pre-Session Activities
Post-Session Activities
In-Session Activities

Our Virtual Facilitators Are Ready for Any Assignment

Here are some ways we can help. Choose any or ALL tasks below. Use our Virtual Platform at no charge. 

Pre-Session Activities

  • Review session plans
  • Ready the virtual space
  • Post participant handouts
  • Prepare surveys/polls
  • Mount presentation and other content
  • Perform a 'test-run' with host/presenter
  • Assist with registering participants

Additional Services

  • PROGRAMMING Strategies
  • MARKETING Strategies

In-Session Activities

  • Introduce host/presenters
  • Manage infrastructure for entire virtual session
  • Assist host/presenter with session programming
  • Check in with participants to make sure they remain engaged and comfortable
  • Record session to MP4 format
  • Apprise participants of housekeeping policies (local dial-in numbers, status icons, chat, Q&A)
  • Provide handout link location
  • Accommodate participants with any technical challenges
  • Assist with content display (Slides, polls, whiteboard, etc.)
  • Manage participant Q&A, status icons, polls, etc.

Post-Session Activities

  • End the virtual session

  • Provide session evaluations, engagement and poll results to host/presenters

  • Provide handout submissions to host/presenters

  • Provide the session recording to presenters

Additional Services

  • Accept PAYMENTS on behalf of hosting organization
  • On-demand course storage/deployment

Roundtables and/or Panel Discussions

A digital alternative to physical business events, Virtual Roundtables and Panel Discussions provide moderated dialogue around one specific topic – without leaving the comfort of one's surroundings.

Transitioning Traditional Classrooms

Participants view engaging content, communicate with a classroom leader, interact with one another virtually, all while interacting with a variety of learning resources.


Engaging events where a speaker, or small group of speakers, deliver an online presentation to a large audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls, and use other available interactive tools.

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