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Your Digital Integration Plan includes:
1. Current State of Installed Business Technology
2. Digital Analysis and Recommendations
3. Implementation Road Map
4. Skill Requirements (Optional)
5. Digital Solution Specifications (Optional)

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  Get your $15K Digital Plan FREE!
  • + $0 Interest on up to $100K LOAN to implement your plan, 5yr term.
  • + $7300 in wage subsidies

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  Get your $15K Digital Plan FREE!
  • + $0 Interest on up to $100K LOAN to implement your plan, 5yr term.
  • + $7300 in wage subsidies

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Approved for the Canada-Provincial Job Grant

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Surpass Performance Goals!

With Bespoke Digital Strategy and Effective Change Management for Remote Operations (if needed)

Digital Strategy

Specifying a direction involving digital products or technology services.

Some coaching included

Change Management

Applying employee engagement principles to adopt productive workflows

Generate new capabilities

Training Programs

Applying collaboration strategies along with suitable productivity tools

Job Grant Eligibility

Executive Coaching

Coaching in selected technology themes or digital products/services

Some configuration included

Helping Leaders Succeed in a Digitized Workplace

Device Training

Competence in Operating Apps/Devices
Healthcare, Travel, Productivity, Education, Lifestyle, Fitness, Diet, etc.

Technology Presentations

Technology Options for Decision Makers

Showcasing a Trend, Device, Application or Service for Efficient Operations.

Technology Skill Development

Effective and Sustainable Transformation
Workshops, Coaching, e-learning, Formalized Programs, Online Support, etc.

Project Management

Execute Technologies To Propel Organizations Forward
Capacity Building Through Transformation Planning, Implementation and Execution

Strategies for Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Employees

Increase Organizational Capacity
Determine what makes an attractive and high performing organizational culture.
Examine personal lifestyle routines to better understand productivity gaps.
Explore productivity trends that support work and lifestyle routines.
Examine how organizational values shapes organizational culture and  capacity.
Build a Collaborative Workplace
Design a path for digital transformation that attracts and retains employees.
Explore productivity incentives for employees driven by work-life requirements.
Identify digital competencies required for success in both work and lifestyles.
Apply strategies that empower employees motivated by productivity requirements.
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Cultivate Employee Engagement
Create agile policies that engage employees, resulting in higher performance.
Apply innovative approaches to attraction, engagement and retention processes.
Explore creative approaches to traditional compensation tactics.
Explore agile incentive and reward programs positioning organizations for ongoing success.

Engagement Strategies

Customer Engagement

Imagine, a medium that brings members/clients and other stakeholders together in one place, making it easier to collaborate. Build on ideas and assign and complete tasks collaboratively. A private social network for team discussion and sharing various content and resources.

Automated Marketing

Create, send, and track effective, permission-based email campaigns, helping you build a strong member base. Easy list management that integrates with your CRM. Go beyond the first name. Make your messages dynamic so that every recipient feels that your message is written just for them.

Event Management

Create memorable event experiences from website creation, ticketing, and event promotion to attendee registration and engagement. Provide a mobile app and empower attendees to participate during sessions, make announcements and enable guest networking. 

Centralized Social Media

Manage your reputation using popular social networks. Using a single browser window, manage and post content, interact with followers and monitor conversations across social channels. Using a collaborative dashboard schedule posts, monitor keywords and engage prospects.

WYSIWYG Websites

Let your website do the talking with easy browser layout tools. Whether you're a first-timer or a pro, quickly build professional looking websites. Optimize your web pages for information, events or learning. Engage website visitors and convert them into members/clients.

Surveys and Forms

Personalize emails, send PDF copies of responses, or use form data to create event tickets, contracts, and more. Use conditional logic to trigger replies, assign tasks, and display thank you pages based on the responses you receive. 

Video Production

For education or entertainment, use video to engage visitors. From creating a solid script, creating your own footage or hiring out, video is a refreshing way to convey more about your organization. Feature employees, members or simply use a voice over for story telling or to explain a complex concept.

Team Collaboration

Relationship Management (CRM/AMS)

Leverage a cloud-based CRM/AMS to manage members, prospects, vendors, sponsors and donors in one place. Speed transactions and leverage insights to engage stakeholders. Track sales/membership pipelines for increased efficiencies and frictionless  experience. 

Project Management

Plan, track, and collaborate on multiple projects across internal and/or external teams to get things done. Milestones, task lists, and more help organize complex projects into manageable units. Gantt charts provide detail on the schedule and progress of tasks. 


Create and present interactive presentations to audiences from anywhere. Attract larger audiences to your online events, educational webinars and online meetings. Upload video and other content, share and present right from within your browser. 

Team Messaging
Why wait on email when messaging in real time can boost your team's productivity. Share files and make audio or video calls, right from a chat window. Brainstorm with colleagues and execute your vision. Keep up with your team, no matter where you are.
Shared File Storage

Securely store and share files and documents with teammates, partners, vendors, or customers. Create beautiful slide decks, efficient spreadsheets, and slick online word documents, which allow for editing anywhere. Sign documents digitally and request signatures.

Unified Communication
UC is a business term for the integration of enterprise communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, voice (including IP telephony), mobility features, audio, web & video conferencing, desktop sharing, call control and speech recognition with services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).

Create and deliver interactive course content online complete with certificates. Track assignments, schedules and monitor the participation of learners. Post group projects for teams to work together on common goals. Share articles, videos and foster collaborative writing for joint authoring.

Back-Office Processes

Integrated Reporting
Proactive business intelligence obtained by modern digital tools that integrate analytics/reporting level the playing field. Integrated software that creates appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards. Blend data from multiple sources. Let AI be your intelligent assistant complete with KPI drivers.
Financial Integrations

Intuitive use of online accounting software can track the health of your organization. Turn time-sheets and receipts into expense reports for quick approvals. Automate membership renewals for real-time, accurate reporting. Bill or collect payments online and integrate with a CRM.

Manage your entire web store—from start to finish—on one platform. Access all the tools you need to build a website, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market your brand, and analyze your data.
Human Resources

Technology can manage human resources in terms of staff performance, approvals for time off, etc. Easily track time and attendance. Find new talent using professional recruiting tools. Let employees log time-sheets, update their own personal data, skills sets, and more.

Custom Applications

Explore over 50 ready-to-use business custom app templates. Using drag-and-drop, build forms and dashboards that are natively mobile. From managing logistics to providing a search engine on  your website, we can showcase pre-built solutions that cater to every unique aspect of your organization.

Automated Tasks

Every business runs on hundreds of processes, and with technology improving every day. Most of those operations are still performed manually. To help you run your business more efficiently we'll showcase AI and other tools that can automate all your business needs.

Custom Email Accounts

Set up feature-rich, fast, ad-free email for your organization. Establish custom domains and use a control panel to create individual mailbox, group accounts, etc. Take emails, groups, events, notes and tasks where ever you go and keep communications flowing using a mobile app.

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