Achieve Work-Life Balance for Better Health, More Time and Professional Effectiveness

Executive Coaching Services for CEOs, Business Owners and Senior Managers

Government assistance is available.

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✔ Enjoy More High-Priority Pursuits
✔ Blend Work and Play Activities
✔ Practice Collaborative Strategies

    🧰  Personal, Lifestyle and Digital Strategies

Find out what you need to know to tackle your productivity.

⚡Business software is/can be included in all programs

Six-Step Signature Program

Step 1: Imagine Your Life Balanced

Step 2: Your Productivity Plan

Step 3: Master Your Mobile Device

Step 4: Blending Work and Leisure Activities

Step 5: Team/Family Collaboration Strategies

Step 6: Keep It Balanced

• Optional: Work-Life Balance Software

• 6 Weekly Coaching Sessions
• Ongoing Messaging Support
• 1 hour/week Done-For-You, Device/Software Configuration
• Strategy/Digital Training and Implementation
• Lifestyle Concierge Services
• A Full-Day Workshop at an Equine Assisted Learning Centre
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Better Health

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Better well-being
  • The energy to do more

More Discretionary Time

  • More time for friends, vacations and social activities
  • Saved hours watching YouTube videos
  • More time for children and grand-children

Professional Effectiveness

  • Achieve Business Goals Quicker
  • Collaborate with work teams remotely
  • Use mobile devices to run your business

FREE Work-Life Balance Cheat Sheet

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 Explore convenient and effective ways to:

• USE MOBILE DEVICES to run your business

• PLAN for Scaling/Starting a Business

• ENGAGE Partners, Boards and Committees

• OPTIMIZE Operations for higher performance

• OBTAIN Intelligence for Informed Decision-Making

    • ADOPT a Digital Strategy

    • SELECT and ADOPT Business Software

    • MANAGE Clients/Customers/Stakeholders more effectively

    • SYSTEMATIZE project management tasks, calendars and contacts

    • OPERATIONALIZE E-Commerce Opportunities

    Surpass Performance Goals!

    Bespoke Digital Strategy and Effective Change Management for Business Transformation and Remote Operations (if needed)

    Digital Strategy

    Specifying a direction involving digital products or technology services.

    Some coaching included

    Change Management

    Applying engagement principles to adopt productive workflows

    Generate new capabilities

    Training Programs

    Applying collaboration strategies along with suitable productivity tools

    Job Grant Eligibility

    Executive Coaching

    Coaching in selected technology themes or digital products/services

    Some configuration included

    Sample Programs

    Cultivating a Collaborative Culture

    Mobilizing the capacity of organizations to work collaboratively and engage stakeholders if appropriate.  A collaborative culture nurtures innovative solutions for complex challenges and transformative change that impacts an organization's key economic, social and environmental performance outcomes.

    Creating a Collaborative Project, Program or Service Ecosystem (PMO)

    Implementation of an agile, responsive, collaborative, project ecosystem that prioritizes (1) budget, (2) schedule and (3) with verifiable scope. A PMO can help in managing successful, meaningful collaborative project(s) as a foundation for trusted relationships and networks that is essential for performance improvements.

    Strategies for Systems Collaboration

    Stakeholders from multiple sectors to partner (as necessary), to address interconnected, complex issues. Holistic and balanced development is the result of innovative, transformative action reflecting systems-thinking, strategic foresight, digital optimization, and stakeholder engagement. 
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    Collect Stakeholder Intelligence

    Digital platform included.

    1. Compose a Stakeholder Engagement Plan
    2. Identify, engage and manage stakeholders
    3. Assemble digital tools for collecting stakeholder intelligence
    4. Prioritize client/customer/patient requirements
    5. Showcase data for program, project, service decisions.

    Strategic Decision-Making

    Data Storytelling platform included.

    • Measure program/project benefits against costs (Cost-benefit analysis)

    • Determine time required to recover investment (Payback period)

    • Percent of return on a program/project investment (ROI)

    • Estimate today’s cash-value and for future years (NVP)

    • Annual returns on a program/project investment (IRR)

    Collaborative Project Planning

    Digital platform included.

    1. Identify and pursue strategic partners
    2. Prioritize new project/program ideas
    3. Shape the scope for priority projects
    4. Integrate processes for ongoing stakeholder engagement
    5. Provide strategies for cross-sectoral partnerships

    ​Building on 30+ Years Experience

    Previously completed assignments for: 

    Bell Canada • Sonova AG • Inniskillin Wines • Sun Life • Practica Learning •  Landscape Ontario •  HNHB LHIN • Business Development Canada (BDC) • AlphaPlus • ARPA • HRDC • Public Health Agency of Canada • Industry Canada • Lifestyle Information Network (LIN) • CPRA - Benefits Hub • CD Halton • Ontario Ministry of Education • Ontario Ministry of Attorney General • Association of Canadian Community Colleges • MacEwan University • Burlington • St. Catharines • London • Contact North, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network • Niagara 211 Community Information System • Niagara College • Brock University •  BC Electrical Association

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