Engaging Stakeholders for Informed Decision-Making

Identifying, qualifying, understanding and working with stakeholders

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Collect Stakeholder Intelligence

  1. Compose a Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  2. Configure digital platform for managing stakeholder engagement (included for term)
  3. Identify, engage and manage stakeholders
  4. Assemble digital tools for collecting stakeholder intelligence
  5. Provide required outreach for ongoing development
  6. Collect and prioritize client/customer/patient requirements
  7. Showcase data mined from stakeholders for decisions around current and/or new programs, projects and services.

Strategic Decision-Making

Access to digital dashboards showcasing performance.

• Measure program/project benefits against its costs (Cost-benefit analysis)

• Determine time required to recover investment (Payback period)

• Percent of return on a program/project investment (ROI)

• Estimate today’s cash-value and for future years (NVP)

• Annual returns on a program/project investment (IRR)

Collaborative Project Planning

Project management (digital) platform (included for term)

  1. Identify and pursue strategic partners
  2. Prioritize new project/program ideas
  3. Shape the scope for priority projects
  4. Integrate processes for ongoing stakeholder engagement
  5. Provide strategies for cross-sectoral partnerships

Research Centre

Collect business intelligence for decision-makers to identify, qualify and understand stakeholder requirements.

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Stage of Development
  • Interests
  • Type of Asset
  • Expertise
  • Engagement Preferences

Knowledge Centre

  • Courses
    • Foundations for Collaboration
    • Approaches to ESG Integration
  • Resource Centre
    • Digital Tools
    • Digital Literacy Tutorials
    • Community Leadership

Practice Platform (OTS Cloud)

  • Stakeholder Relationship Building
  • Project/PMO Management
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Moderators for Community Platforms

Coaching Program

Upskilling Collaborative Teams

  • Building capacity for collaborating and partnering with stakeholders
  • Assisting in harmonizing product and service offerings to meet requirements
  • Building capacity for collaborative project management
  • Building capacity for a PMO, when practical
  • Building capacity for (multi-sector) systems collaboration

Recommended Program

For opening channels for stakeholder dialogue

Surpass Performance Goals!

With Bespoke Digital Strategy and Effective Change Management for Remote Operations (if needed)

Digital Strategy

Specifying a direction involving digital products or technology services.

Some coaching included

Change Management

Applying employee engagement principles to adopt productive workflows

Generate new capabilities

Training Programs

Applying collaboration strategies along with suitable productivity tools

Job Grant Eligibility

Executive Coaching

Coaching in selected technology themes or digital products/services

Some configuration included

Programs and Packages

Cultivating a Collaborative Culture

Mobilizing the capacity of practitioners to implement a collaborative planning process that prioritizes effective stakeholder and/or citizen engagement.  Strategic Outcomes: A collaborative culture that nurtures innovative solutions for complex challenges and transformative change that impacts economic, community and/or environmental well-being.

Creating a Collaborative Project, Program or Service Ecosystem

Implementation of an agile, responsive, collaborative, project ecosystem that prioritizes (1) budget, (2) schedule and (3) with verifiable scope. Strategic Outcomes: Successful, meaningful collaborative project(s) designed to build the essential foundation of hope, trusted relationships and networks that is essential for collective impact and/or systems collaboration.

Strategies for Systems Collaboration

Stakeholders from government, nonprofits, businesses, and citizens partner to address interconnected, complex multi-sector issues at a  community or industry-level. Strategic Outcomes: Balanced growth and development as a result of innovative, transformative action reflecting systems-thinking, strategic foresight, digital optimization, and community/stakeholder engagement. 

​Building on 30+ Years Experience

Innovative $MM collaborative digital infrastructures, supporting Canadian non-profit organizations • Instrumental in early development of Contact North, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network • Seeded the community database for Niagara 211 Community Information System • Provided leadership to implement a $MM communications strategy to engage Alberta communities • Over 50 back-office solutions for corporate, non-profit and government clients • Installed a Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution for the HNHB LHIN • Supported activation of the first online portal for the Lifestyle Information Network • Created a Digital Research Centre showcasing Personal, Social, Economic, Environmental CSR • Partnered with Bell Canada for an innovative Public Communications Portal. 

Previously completed work for:

Business Development Canada (BDC), AlphaPlus, Inniskillin Wines, HRDC, Public Health Agency of Canada, Industry Canada, Practica Learning, Leisure Information Network, PRO, CD Halton, Ontario Ministry of Education, Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, Association of Canadian Community Colleges, MacEwan University, Cities of Burlington, St. Catharines and London.

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