Achieve Work-Life Balance for Better Health, More Time and Professional Effectiveness

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✔ Increase productivity and squeeze more time from your day.
✔ Stay on top of family tasks and obligations
✔ Manage projects and empower friends and teams to work collaboratively
✔ Maintain a professional presence when at remote locations
✔ Blend work and leisure activities
✔ Assign tasks easily and empower teams to take action


✔ Ensure high-quality service and production remotely
✔ Manage a full calendar and make it available to others, anywhere, anytime
✔ Build relationships and create and manage lasting connections for sourcing new employees, partners, clients.
✔ Use your mobile device as a command centre to manage work/family activities..


Employee Outreach
  • Employee Experiences
  • Work-Life Integration Solutions
  • Social and Sports Opportunities
  • Wellness Support

Compensation Strategies

  • Attracting New Recruits
  • Employee Retention Platform
  • Customizing Benefit Packages
  • Candidate Experiences



  • Lifestyle Values Determination
  • Productivity Plans
  • Work Integration Strategies
  • Mobile Contacts and Calendars
  • Coach-the-Coaches Program


  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration Software
  • Work-Life Balance Strategic Teams
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Lifestyle Concierge
  • Personal Solution Providing
  • Scheduling Support
  • Home Organization Planning
  • Personal Shopping, Gifting Ideas
  • Travel, Entertainment and Experience
Referral Service
  • Home Maintenance, Housekeeping
  • Meal Planning, Caterers
  • Stylists, Personal Care
  • Realtors, Relocation

Attract and Retain More Employees

Purchase Work-Life Balance Coaching/Consulting Packages
• Share with your employees for improved personal productivity
• Propose irresistible offers that prospective employees won't refuse
• Engage and retain employees with effective work-life balance benefits
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Our Process

(Current State)
​Reactive Strategies

Accommodating employees with flexible working arrangements 

Employee Result

Adjusted work hours, locations, benefits, etc.

Stage One

Flexibility Consulting

Assisting in re-imagining roles and compensation packages based on employee values, interactions, service usage, etc. 

Connecting to Services

Providing linkages and referrals work-life balance resources (wellness coaches, home services, etc.)

Stage Two

Productivity Training

Supplying productivity training for improved lifestyle management.


Providing training in collaboration; communication; calendar, task, and project management; mobile apps and other digital tools.

Introducing VEEV-VO : A Work-Life Balance PLATFORM

Stage Three

Proactive Platform

We'll supply opportunities for interconnectedness — necessary for building stronger bonds and empathy amongst employees

We can showcase opportunities to work collaboratively on projects, form groups supporting spiritual and mental health, social clubs, sports, leagues and events

‌A Digital Drop-In Centre for Every Employee

Social Networking

Social Outreach
  • Friendship Building
  • Peer-Peer Projects
  • Problem Solving
  • Wellness Support
Collaboration Practice
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Personal Growth and Satisfaction
  • Support for Collaborative Outcomes
  • Resource Sharing

Work-Life Balance Statistics

  • 47% state work-life balance is biggest challenge since COVID
  • 68% of employers are dealing with poor morale issues
  • 46% have challenges maintaining productivity
  • 52% say current work-life does not allow for preparing/eating meals at home
  • Short-term imbalance has led to 41% more employee turn-over
  • 2 out of 5 Canadians say work poses a strain on relationships
  • 50% of Canadians work more than 39 hours per week
  • 1 out of 3 miss life events due to work obligations

FREE Work-Life Balance Employer Checklist

DOWNLOAD your checklist here  and start engaging employees in an intentional dialogue to address work-life balance.


Tackle your productivity!

Action High-Priority Activities

Apply self-leadership strategies to squeeze more time from your day. Enjoy the activities you value most. 

Blend Work & Leisure Pursuits

Use your mobile device as a command centre to participate in and manage work and family activities.

Empower Others to Collaborate

Apply emotional intelligence to manage projects, assign tasks and empower people to take action.

FAST TRACK to Work-Life Balance Program

Executive Coaching Services for CEOs, Business Owners and Senior Leaders

Step 1: Imagine Your Life Balanced

Step 2: Your Productivity Plan

Step 3: Master Your Mobile Device

Step 4: Blending Work and Leisure Activities

Step 5: Team/Family Collaboration Strategies

Step 6: Keep It Balanced

• Optional: Work-Life Balance Software

• 6 Weekly Coaching Sessions
• Ongoing Messaging Support
• 1 hour/week Done-For-You, Device/Software Configuration
• Strategy/Digital Training and Implementation
• Lifestyle Concierge Services
• A Full-Day Workshop at an Equine Assisted Learning Centre
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Imagine Your Life Balanced

We'll help you identify and remove obstacles that are preventing you from living your best life. Discover new skills and strategies freeing you to be more productive, stretching more time for family and other tasks.

A Custom Productivity Plan

We'll show you how to squeeze more results from less time, creating more time for family, friends and leisure activities. Set attainable goals that will result in a more balanced work and home life within six weeks.

Master Your Mobile Device

We'll provide strategic advice on how to use your mobile device to work from anywhere. Helpful apps installed and configured. Set up your mobile device to be your virtual assistant, managing your calendar and contacts easily.

Blending Work and Leisure

We'll teach you how to enjoy high-payback activities while balancing work and personal tasks. Learn shortcuts to collaborate with your team (or family), in person or remotely.

Collaboration Strategies

We'll showcase best practices for building capacity through team collaboration, keeping employees/teams connected. Writing tasks once and being alerted when completed. Set goals, and track results without calls or meetings.

Keep It Balanced

We'll host a day of self-reflection and strength to choose a work-lifestyle with purpose at an equine learning centre. Tips on how to keep your lifestyle balanced going forward. 

Includes: Lifestyle Concierge Services

Imagine, immediate relief of busy work allowing you to apply proactive strategies. 

Relax, while we catch you up on home tasks, eliminating your backlog with strategic organization and scheduling of Travel, Home Management, Research, Scheduling, Personal Care, Entertainment/Tickets, Health/Wellness, Gift Shopping, Meals, Dinner Reservations. Our program provides weekly assistance for up to 4 hours/week.

FREE in all Programs

• Ongoing Text Support
• Done-for-You Device/Software Configuration
• Strategy/Digital Training
• Work-Life Balance Software

Proud to be approved for Canada-Provincial Job Grantand as a Digital Advisor for the Canada Digital Adoption (CDAP) Program.

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FREE Work-Life Balance Cheat Sheet

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Better Health

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Better well-being
  • The energy to do more

More Discretionary Time

  • More time for friends, vacations and social activities
  • Saved hours watching YouTube videos
  • More time for children and grand-children

Professional Effectiveness

  • Achieve Business Goals Quicker
  • Collaborate with work teams remotely
  • Use mobile devices to run your business

Take control of your busy lifestyle!

Learn More

 Explore convenient and effective ways to:

• USE MOBILE DEVICES to run your business

• PLAN for Scaling/Starting a Business

• ENGAGE Partners, Boards and Committees

• OPTIMIZE Operations for higher performance

• OBTAIN Intelligence for Informed Decision-Making

    • ADOPT a Digital Strategy

    • SELECT and ADOPT Business Software

    • MANAGE Clients/Customers/Stakeholders more effectively

    • SYSTEMATIZE project management tasks, calendars and contacts

    • OPERATIONALIZE E-Commerce Opportunities